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Flash Indicater For chatbox

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Flash Indicater For chatbox

Post by *kyall3 on 13/05/10, 08:30 am

I think you should add Some kind of indicator on when A message appears in the chatbox for people who have more than one window open on their computer. This is only a suggestion, because I do realize that could potentially be very annoying, considering there are more than 2 people in the chatbox.
On the other hand though, it could be somewhat useful, so you don't miss the whole conversation, like I did while typing this post. And i'm not saying it has to be a light, either. Just an a sound or something.


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Re: Flash Indicater For chatbox

Post by FireMarioX on 13/05/10, 10:48 am

Good idea but do you think he knows how to do that? If he does, then... Well... He'll just know. Lol.

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Re: Flash Indicater For chatbox

Post by Guest on 16/05/10, 10:11 pm

I think that is a good idea. Yet, Pivetor would have to know HTML codes to interact with the tabs or windows, in order to create such an indicator. Better yet why don't you google how to make an HTML indicator for websites and tell Pivetor? I mean, it's your idea after all, right? What a Face Btw, the 'Flue' emote in the animated emote section is spelled wrong. It's Flu, or Influenza.


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Re: Flash Indicater For chatbox

Post by PajamaEntertainment on 16/05/10, 10:42 pm

Pretty good idea

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Re: Flash Indicater For chatbox

Post by Sponsored content

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