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PivetworldArena Rules

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PivetworldArena Rules

Post by PajamaEntertainment on 12/11/10, 07:22 am

To be a warrior in the Pivetworld Arena you need to follow these rules.

General Rules
1. In order to battle, first you must create your character
2. Once you have created a character you may challenge another animator
3. If the challenge is accepted you will both create battle animations
4. The winner will be voted upon and a point will be given to the winner
5. Vote fairly
6. Pivot must be used for PWA battles and demos
7. Editing of of videos in other programs is allowed
8. Limit your character to 1-3 powers so that he/she doesn't become overpowered

How to create a character

1. Come up with a unique idea for you're character
2. Create all necessary sticks to animate the character
3. Post your character in the Warriors section

How to post in the Character section

You MUST follow this outline


(Picture of Character)

- (Power 1)
- (Power 2)
- (Power 3)

- (Weakness 1)
- (Weakness 2)
- (Weakness 3)

(Fill in story of your Character)


(gif demonstrating your powers)

battles won: 0
battles lost:0
points: 0

Your weaknesses must be appropriate and make sense with your powers
Your powers must not be overpowered/invincible, you need to have some flaws in it.
You do not need 3 powers and weaknesses, that is just the maximum

here's an example, this is my PWA character


power: He has a sword that pops out of his right arm and a machine gun/grenade launcher that pops out of his left arm and he can scan almost anything.
weaknesses: Attacks, enemies, etc. that are too fast for him to scan
about:He was created by the government for war. However overtime his ai became to intelligent and he gained the power to disobey orders. He turned against the military and is currently being hunted down.
battles won: 0
battles lost:0
points: 0
(the demo i used is only temporary and will be changed later, the demo should be an animation of your character using all of his/her powers to defeat a few/lot generic black stick figures)

How to challenge and battle

1. Challenge another person to a battle via PM
2. The challenged has the choice of accepting or declining the challenge
3. If the challenge is accepted both people must animate a video of their character's fighting each other
4. When you animate your battle your character must win
5. The battle animation must be at least 100 frames
6. You may use any frame rate you feel comfortable with
7. You may use any proportions you feel comfortable with
8. The animation must be made in pivot
9. When both animators are done both animations will be posted by the challenger
10. A poll will be added and which animation is better will be voted upon for one week
11. After voting the winner will receive 1 point which will be added by a moderator or administrator to your character page(anyone who tries to give himself/herself more points then he/she has will be severely punished)

Voting Rules
1. Voting CANNOT be decided upon only by rank, of course rank will be a factor but it cannot be the only one, you must also take into account things like cinematicness, epicness, use of sounds/music, etc.
2. Vote fairly

Make Pasta, not war

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