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My Thoughts

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My Thoughts

Post by MMJDA on 23/12/10, 10:18 am

Well I really don't want to get banned so if this is an offense to Pivet World, then gladly lock the topic:

1. Well I like the theme at the top but the background of the rest of the site is well very... white. I feel blinded looking at the screen rite now... Anyway if u choose to keep it like this im alright with that.

2. I'm confused with this lock method topics of mine get locked, because of an ignorant (and these are my thoughts so don't get mad because they are not directed at u) person who doesn't read the rules. To be specific, one of my animation threads got locked because some guy that will remain nameless advertised his anims on there. So I think it's not fair for those people. So yeah correct me if I'm wrong and again this is not directed to Pivet World or the people. These are my thoughts.

Also, isn't a bump considered as someone who is hosting the thread saying something to get his topic more popular than another? Because on the runescape forums thats what I saw.

Anyway if I do get punished for this, this maybe my farewell so yeah...
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Re: My Thoughts

Post by Xyphien on 23/12/10, 10:53 am

YES, you are getting BANNED! <JK

Well, i totally agree with you. I am moving this thread to suggestions, as this is more of a suggestion than anything.

And no, a bump is someone who BUMPS the topic up to the top. And in order for a LOCKED BUMP the topic mus be over 2 weeks old.

I will change that, so thanks for mentioning this. I will reward you with + rep, and 20 PW Bucks.

Contest, check it out here!
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Re: My Thoughts

Post by Pivotnam on 23/12/10, 09:35 pm

lol you didn't do that pivetor

I don't think you would get banned just for expressing your opinion


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Re: My Thoughts

Post by hazza on 23/12/10, 10:22 pm

Lol yeh, it would be wrong for a person to be banned for making a suggestion lol :P

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Re: My Thoughts

Post by PajamaEntertainment on 24/12/10, 12:25 am

lol i found your fear of punishment hilarious XD anyway for the locking thing, if it gets locked because of an "ignorant person" then you are allowed to ask an admin/moderator to unlock it if you decide you want to update it, its only a temporary lock really, and as for the white thing i agree 100%

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Re: My Thoughts

Post by Choiceinator on 24/12/10, 05:08 am

wow u really got an award :D

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Re: My Thoughts

Post by Sponsored content

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