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Rank Me Again ¿Med Borderline?

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¿that is my rank?

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Rank Me Again ¿Med Borderline?

Post by YoruNyan on 18/01/11, 12:14 am

Hi :3, I want to know if I upload rank with this animation.


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Re: Rank Me Again ¿Med Borderline?

Post by sage on 18/01/11, 02:38 am

-it needs a lot more easing. especially when he points, he jumps, and when the other guy points. the ground flies by really fast. you need to ease it too.
-the anim is pretty stiff. move more joints.
-foot placement is a tiny bit off when he jumps
-his arm randomly flies forward after he touches his head. ease it, it looks choppy.

i say no to med beginner. sorry


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Re: Rank Me Again ¿Med Borderline?

Post by Pivotnam on 18/01/11, 04:32 am

sage covered it so i'm saying just med beg


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Re: Rank Me Again ¿Med Borderline?

Post by Niceonegunit on 18/01/11, 06:53 am

Low beg, sorry :(
The ground moves way to fast, no easing and very stiff.

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Re: Rank Me Again ¿Med Borderline?

Post by XPivotN00bX on 18/01/11, 07:22 am

I say Med Begginer but no borederz.
Personally I think you used easing... you just didn't use enough of it
Like when the person points its pretty good but could have used a little more easing but I liked the flow that you put into the point. Very Realisticish :D. When he jumps back its not eased at all basically. He jumps up and straight down. Next time ease when he jumps and then when it changes from going up to down make it slow. The ground as pointed out by many is too quick for the scene and is not eased into spot. Next time use easing to place it into its position. The only party that was Low Beginner was at the beginning in my opinion because the first guy is all messed up. His head moves awkwardly and I felt his back arm should not have moved unless his legs do. Oh and one more thing, it was stiff and I would have asked you to fix it, but to me its not much of I priority in this case.
Great animation budd :D

Edit: Oh and what Sage said bout footplacement when he jumps :P


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Re: Rank Me Again ¿Med Borderline?

Post by -McToast- on 28/01/11, 11:00 pm

Low rank :) If you want to focus on ranks, try to animate every part on the stick. You should animate for fun and do alot of tests for physics and such, and then think the ranks again, that's good way to get the hang of them.

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Re: Rank Me Again ¿Med Borderline?

Post by Sponsored content

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