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Back! (ug5151's Space Thread)

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Back! (ug5151's Space Thread)

Post by ug5151 on 25/02/11, 11:14 am

Guys i'm back an staying.

I just love the universe. The most beautiful thing in the universe, is the universe itself. I study these moons everyday. I have a telescope with broken lens, so I can't view much stuff. I have made a huge oppertunity to do what I love, study the stars.
Here is a companion sized chart of most of the moons in size by Earth & Venus. Every Galiliean Moon is on this chart.

The Biggest on on the left of earth, is Ganymede. Below it, is callisto (notice it's heavily cratered surface.) The small one at the bottom is Iapetus. To the right of Iapetus, is Io, Moon (Ours), Europa above moon (slightly smaller than our moon). To the right of Europa is Titan (The only moon with an atmosphere), and Triton (right of Titan). The small dot below Titan, is mimas (the moon in my avatar) the huge crater can't be seen.
There will be more up soon.

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Re: Back! (ug5151's Space Thread)

Post by Choiceinator on 25/02/11, 12:01 pm

indeed i have also been interest in space until i was introduced to biology

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