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eztoon tutorials.

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eztoon tutorials.

Post by balimar on 09/05/10, 01:26 pm

yo! i don't know if this will be a good tutorial but here it goes!

human looking things

ok, what i do is first draw the stick figure with the line tool for all the frames he will be in, like this sort of:

as you can see i didn't add the head, well, i think its easier to draw the body first, then you add the head. and if you want you can draw a human looking head or helmet first before the body:

then you can draw a figure around the stick like this:

ok, now, just so you know i used the pen tool, because in real life pants and shirts would be baggy depending, and the line tool would be annoying just re-clicking over and over again, and also i use 'pen width 1' for the figure, and pin width 5 for the stick.
ok, so now that we did that, we use the eraser tool (right click the mouse to use) and us the same size that the stick was or one size lower, and you get this:

as you can see there need to be some lines where his arms and feet are, and also you still see some lines in him, well, for the lines in him you want to get rid of, use a smaller pen tool and go over those, for the lines you want, use the 1 size pen tool and draw them, then you get this:

ok! now you just add detail, and i didn't work that hard on this one, but i added a few things:

things like dragons and cats and dogs

ok, now, just so you know this was my first try on making a dragon.
well, like last time you start with a stick:

and then you add the head and horns:

as you can see on the head i added another circle that is stretched a little: that is for the way its face is.
now we draw around it like last time:

notice i used the line tool for his horn, that is because horns are straight or... they aren't 'baggy'.
now we erase whats inside of the dragon:

as you can see it looks awful, well... like i said its my first time.
now we erase those little tiny parts that we didn't get, if you want. and then put lines on where you think they should go:

now we just add detail:
oh, and i forgot to add these things to his back legs, i think all animals have uh... that... not sure what the name of it is.
making a gun
im slightly running out of ideas and i was bored and thought 'i want to try to draw a gun' and this is what i got:

first i drew a line:

then draw what i saw in a picture- just the outside part:

then i added some detail:

and after that i thought i could maybe use the filling tool and tone 50% and 40% and 30% and black black and made this:

once again my first try at a gun in eztoon... im going to try to make an animation with it.
here is the original:

coping and pasting
coping and pasting really helps for platforms, if you don't want to copy the platform with the rectangular section, then just click the copy button. this animation shows a platform that got copied and also it shows what the copy and paste looks like (this thing is more for beginners)

ok, this is just a simple thing that i can only really show in slow-mo:

i just sort of shake my hand as i draw sort of in a way a circle for the explosion.
this is what it looks like in normal speed:

if you try harder you can make explosions alot better than that, like have the smoke go in a lot of tiny pieces, like one frame its whole, same thing but alot bigger, bigger, than into two pieces, 4, 8, 16 and etc.
and also try to slightly follow the pattern in the last frame.


ok, to make a flash, you click on the 'negative effect' and then the frame your on has all colors change to opposites.
here i used the effect but at the wrong time, flashes are great for explosions:

even though it starts to explode there, it looks a little weird, so i did it when the explosion went everywhere fast and when it hit the ground, like here:

but i just think it looks better that way, you might like the other, do whatever you want for it! don't use it too much though, only do it for powerful attacks, otherwise the viewer might not be able to tell whats happening, also don't use it each after one frame in a way, because if it flashes really fast it might give you a seizure, i tried.... my eyes hurt for a while.


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Re: eztoon tutorials.

Post by PajamaEntertainment on 16/05/10, 11:31 am

I didnt know there was an eraser, I was so confused thinking why isn't there an eraser.

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Re: eztoon tutorials.

Post by ug5151 on 19/05/10, 08:15 pm

Me too lol

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Re: eztoon tutorials.

Post by Barineter on 20/06/10, 04:28 am

omfg is there a eraser in EzToon?

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Re: eztoon tutorials.

Post by Sponsored content

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